It’s been a while since I cared about having a personal blog and at times I had the ambition to run a professional blog, a personal blog and a photo blog. Well, life happened and all of them got abandoned. Heck, at some point, as I didn’t maintain my server software, my server setup got hacked. I threw everything away. Time to reboot and try again, this time with a minimalized approach.

Enter static site generation. A friend and co-worker introduced me to Jekyll which he used on Github Pages for his work related blogging. I liked the concept. I just write HTML and Markdown, generate the site files and push them to the cloud. I almost ended up putting this on Github Pages as well, but Github doesn’t support SSL on custom domain names, so I just host this myself on my Microsoft Azure setup. You’re looking at a bunch of HTML files being served by a load balanced cluster of three DS1 v2 instances running Ubuntu. Overkill. Hey, but I get to serve these pages using an auto-generated and auto-renewed “Let’s Encrypt SSL” certificate.

I hope to share useful and interesting stuff from my work here. Don’t count on it though, life may happen again.