Tobias Weisserth

Tobias works at Microsoft Corporation as a Senior Software Development Engineer. He doesn't actually write that much software himself all the time, but rather makes sure other people can do so using Microsoft's tools and services with as little friction as possible.

Occasionally, Tobias writes code and blog posts, possibly sharing both on this website. Whenever that is the case, any work and opinions shared on this website, are not necessarily endorsed by Microsoft. This blog does not represent Microsoft's views or opinions. At least not necessarily.

When Tobias is not at work, he enjoys creating photographs (to print and frame) and share online. He even has a photography portfolio you can marvel at. Look at that.


Tobias is mostly a private person. If you have a need to get in touch with him, you probably already have his contact details.

He's not much into "social media" anymore, but you can head over to Twitter and Flickr where he shares stuff.